Who is the Aphthakid?


The Aphthakid is a superhero so obscure that his shared universe doesn’t even have a lousy  three picture deal (Sony, call me.) He was named after Aphthae epizooticae aka foot and mouth disease for his amazing ability to always say the wrong thing in any given
situation. He annoyed his companions on many adventures until he was retconned into oblivion and replaced by someone just as obnoxious but who actually had useful
superpowers to make up for it. I took on Aphthakid as my nom de guerre because I, too, sometimes say the wrong things (I’m getting better, though.). If you see Aphthakid
anywhere on the Interwebs, that’s either me or someone who wishes they were me.

So, who the heck am I? You can call me Dave. My degree is in biology and my primary
interests are in the life sciences and paleontology, though I’m fairly well read across all the sciences. I would have done well as one of those old time naturalists, just exploring the world in general and this blog is something of an attempt to do that in the modern age.

I’m also a great fan of TV and film, especially MST3K and other things geeky and cheesy, comics (though today I mostly read about them instead of actually reading them), the Walking Dead, Saga, Alton Brown, steampunk, electroswing and dark cabaret music, photography and travel.