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Science News Digest


Links to interesting science stories from around the Internet.

Cosmetics giant L’Oreal is also in the business of making human skin. They originally got into this line to test their products without needing to use animals or humans. Now, they’re looking to start 3-D printing skin. (Wired)

A new volley from SUNY Stony Brook in the debate over whether dinosaurs were warm blooded. (Science)

A new species has been added to the hominin family tree. We definitely seem to be in an era where it’s fashionable to christen new species and the fossil material is rather scant so we will have to see if this new species stands the test of time. (Nature)

In a follow up to an earlier story here on, researchers have prevented chicken embryos from developing bird-like opposable toes. By chemically interfering with the embryos, the digit remained similar to that found in dinosaurs. (Scientific Reports)

As Pat Benatar noted, Love is a Battlefield. This is especially true among nematodes of Caenorhabditis remanei. The sperm of males from New York not only outcompete those from males originally hailing Oregon or Germany, but they also cause the females to only live half as long. (BMC Evolutionary Biology)