Recap: Other Space season 1, episode 2. Attack of the Pink Blob Without a Clear Agenda


Everybody fudged up? Well, then it’s time to get into the second episode of Other Space from Yahoo! Screen, Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu and Paul Feig.

Warning! This post contains spoilers and spoiler-related accessories.

We rejoin our heroes and also Michael in a meeting to go over how incredibly screwed they all are and enjoying some fudge. At least until first officer Karen tells them that the fudge will soon kill them all. They’re also shown a video called “Die Like A Winner” which I must say I was very disappointed we got almost none of besides a quick lesson on how to cauterize your own severed limbs (good to know!) Kind of a missed opportunity there.

Oddly the crew is now severely depressed, except for Karen who seems to only have two settings “angry” and “less obviously angry” and Chad who is just really happy to now apparently be part of the cast after just randomly showing up on the set last episode.

So, Captain Stewart calls yet another meeting, this one is more of an encounter group where everyone discusses their feelings. Well, except Karen who kidnaps sad sack Michael to assist her in randomly wandering around the ship looking for problems. Whew, I think we dodged a bullet there not having to find out about Michael’s feelings. ART is also missing. He appeared briefly at the first meeting but has yet to actually say anything which is a stone cold tragedy because so many things have needed to be snarked on.

We learn all sorts of great background information during the encounter group. Turns out that Natasha the computer sprite was purchased from Hooters! This explains a lot about her though what exactly she actually does on the ship is still rather up in the air. Kent, the weirdo science officer, was the first baby born on Mars! And he doesn’t want to talk about it, which feeds into my personal theory that Kent may not actually be human.  Then over to Tina who is, of course, yearning for Ted aka Zapp Brannigan.

Love ya, Turkey.
Love ya, Turkey.

Tina says that if Ted were there she would say the filthiest sh%t to him. As an aside, for some reason they swear on the show but it’s bleeped. You’d think there’d be a button to shut off the censorship. Anyway, Stewart tries again to get really inappropriate by telling Tina to pretend he’s Ted, to which she replies by saying “Ted, you look terrible.” B’dow! “I don’t deserve this”, the Captain moans.

Yes, you do, Captain Really Inappropriate
Yes, you do, Captain Really Inappropriate

Meanwhile, Michael and Karen have discovered an ooze! And, no, Michael, it’s not a good ooze! More on this later.

So, while we weren’t looking everyone fell in love with Chad. Not quite sure how this happened but no one is kissing so I’m OK with it. Tina proposes a game called “Mafia” which involves everyone pointing actual weapons at each other.

Michael and Karen are following the trail of ooze. It appears the ooze-generator visited a computer monitor and thereafter turned into an ooze-based humanoid as it’s now leaving footprints. And the trail leads to… where the others are all meeting! Minor logical quibble here. They could have gone all Cinderella here and measured those footprints against the feet of everyone to determine which of them is secretly Kurt Russell but oh well. The two obvious candidates are Chad, the person who seemingly didn’t exist before the aliens first arrived and Tina who wanted everyone to start shooting each other and might actually still be back in her quarters crying about Ted and how he used to buy her oh so many things.

Oh, sweet merciful Jesus, ART has finally arrived! Ten ART-free minutes are about nine too many.

Don't leave me alone with these people!
Don’t leave me alone with these people!

OK, so somehow Tina is now in charge of security. Pretty sure she was the navigator a few minutes ago, but hey. So, she’s going to tie everyone to chairs and poke a red-hot wire into a petri dish of their blood. Er, she’s going to put everyone into the “interrogation chair”, which is apparently a thing they have, and then eject the loser out the airlock.

The interrogation chair turns out to just be a chair. But we do learn something exciting: turns out that ART is not actually a robot! A genius billionaire inventor named Howard tried to launch of company that made “immortality robots” and as a PR stunt had himself loaded into one and then his body destroyed. This makes it rather odd than nobody recognized him and also it now makes a Hell of a lot less sense that he’s here on the ship. But then again what are the chances that Zalien (it only rhymes with alien!) built a robot?

Like that could happen.
Like that could happen.

While all this hootenanny is going on, Kent is skulking around the corridors futzing with Natasha and Karen has discovered a big old slimy pod thingee in Kent’s quarters. This can only mean that Kent is NOT the alien because it’s too obvious. Also, Karen found that Tina’s quarters were empty so it’s probably not Tina, either. So, my money is on Chad.

This theory suffers a minor setback on the discovery that Kent has gills to go with his slimy pod thing, and Natasha reveals that the name of the first baby born on Mars was actually Derek. One suspects that Kent put her up to that since he was fiddling with her earlier. The Lipinski siblings both come to realize that the alien must be Chad but they, along with Kent, all end up in the, again, very badly designed airlock as Chad effectively mind controls the rest of the crew by being much cooler than everyone else. Admittedly, this isn’t hard.

For some reason, Chad forgets to empty his airlock (always empty your trash, people!) so the trapped trio have some time to chat. We learn that Kent was actually a backup “organ bank” for his brother Derek. Derek managed to kill himself in an accident so his mother sent Kent off to space for some reason. Karen then reveals that she brought along the gizmo for cauterizing limbs and apparently it will also cut through doors. And we’ll find out later that the door magically heals itself so they still have a functional airlock.

Having escaped the airlock, Kent uses the fact that he’s spent his whole life doing nothing but watch old movies in a tube of water to break Chad’s hold on the crew. He reveals that Chad is incapable of speaking anything other than quotes from Matthew McConaughey. Good thing Matthew was never in a movie where he said “Open the airlock.” No, I’m not rewatching Interstellar to make sure he never said anything like that.  So, they toss Chad into the airlock and shoot him into space, revealing that he was actually made of Pepto Bismol, just like Matthew McConaughey. It’s actually kind of sad and wrong because the poor creature can’t even tell them what it was trying to do. Actually, waitaminute, if the creature can’t survive in space how did it manage to get on the ship? Did it have a Scooty Puff Jr.?


While this episode didn’t have the horrifying moments of the first one, it also didn’t have nearly as many laughs and ended with somewhat ethically dubious murder. Still getting to know the characters to a large extent and a fair amount of time is being burned on backstory. Overall, somewhat of an improvement in that, at no time, did I actively want to flee while the show was playing.

So, remember, in the words of Chad/Matthew McConaughey…

Life is a series of commas, not periods. And then you pop like a balloon in the void of space.
Life is a series of commas, not periods. And then you pop like a balloon in the void of space.

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